epic anniversary event {Scrap Around The World}

Today it will be a long blog post with lots of information 馃檪
Firstly I would like to say, how happy I am that I will stay for another 6 months term at Scrap Around the World. Yay!!!! But there are more important information for you 馃檪

Dzi艣 b臋dzie d艂ugi post z du偶膮 ilo艣ci膮 informacji 馃檪

Najpierw chcia艂abym powiedzie膰, jaka jestem szcz臋艣liwa, 偶e zostaj臋 w ekipie Scrap Around The World na nast臋pne 6 miesi臋cy!! Jej!! Ale mam znacznie wa偶niejsze dla Was informacje 馃檪
This month Scrap Around The World is celebrating first anniversary – there is an epic event and huge prizes waiting for you – all are shown at the bottom of this blog post 馃檪
Ot贸偶 w tym miesi膮cu Scrap Around The World 艣wi臋tuje pierwsze urodziny – i z tego powodu czeka na Was ogromna feta i masa nagr贸d!!! Wszystkie s膮 wymienione u do艂u tego posta 馃檪

Anniversary moodboard was created by Helen Tilbury – founder and owner of Scrap Around The World – isn’t it gorgeous?!

And my layout:
A oto m贸j scrap:

* * * *
Feel free to interpret the mood board in any way you like, using one image, several of them, all of them or even just one aspect of an image, using ANY COLOURS! 
Mo偶esz zintepretowa膰 tablic臋 inspiracyjn膮 w dowolny spos贸b, u偶y膰 jednego obrazka lub wielu, albo wszystkich, albo tylko jednego z aspekt贸w, a do tego dowolnych kolor贸w.

 To be eligible for judging:
Aby by膰 branym pod uwag臋 w ostatecznych rezultatach nale偶y:
 1. You need to follow our 10 Golden Rules found HERE, which include
1. Przestrzega膰 10 z艂otych regu艂, kt贸re znajdziecie tu, a zawieraj膮 si臋 w nich nast臋puj膮ce zasady:

 1) Sharing the mood board image. 
1) Umie艣ci膰 w swoim po艣cie obrazek tablicy inspiracyjnej.

 2) Mentioning Scrap Around The World {in full – not just SATW} & LINKING BACK to the current challenge. 
2) Wymieni膰 Scrap Around The World pe艂n膮 nazw膮 (nie np. SATW) 
i podlinkowa膰 do BIE呕膭CEGO WYZWANIA.

 3) Mentioning HOW you were inspired by our mood board. 
3) Wspomnie膰 CO zainspirowa艂o ci臋 z aktualnej tablicy inspiracyjnej.

 4) Linking back to your SATW blog post NOT YOUR ENTIRE BLOG.
4) Na blogu SATW podlinkowa膰 sw贸j post z prac膮, a nie ca艂y blog.
If receiving comments from some of our Design Team members is important to you please ensure that you have WORD VERIFICATION TURNED OFF. 
Je艣li pozostawienie przez Design Team komentarza na twoim blogu jest wa偶ne, prosz臋 upewnij si臋, 偶e masz wy艂膮czon膮 weryfikacj臋 obrazkow膮.

W tym miesi膮cu do wygrania s膮 nagrody i warto艣ci ponad 1000 USD
ale musisz przestrzega膰 szczeg贸lnych zasad

This month things are going to work a little differently BECAUSE it’s competition time! 
 Yes I know that EVERY month we host a challenge here but this month it is EPIC!!

We are looking for our 2014 EPIC WINNERS – ie the TOP TEN PLAYERS for our
first year (May 2013 – April 2014) SO we will be choosing 10 WINNERS as per usual
(plus ONE RANDOM WINNER as always!) BUT here is the difference…

Szukamy wszystkich naszych ZWYCI臉ZC脫W Z ROKU 2014 – czyli top 10 z ka偶dego miesi膮ca
pomi臋dzy majem 2013 a kwietniem 2014.Jak zwykle wybierzemy 10 zwyci臋zc贸w plus jedna losowa osoba, ale r贸偶nica jest nast臋puj膮ca:


Bardzo wa偶ne – przeczytaj, zanim we藕miesz udzia艂

1.  We have TEN HUGE prizes (each valued at approximately $100 US!!) 
for TEN WINNERS!  We will not be grading your entries from 1 to 10 this month.
Rather, we have invited TEN GUEST JUDGES to each select one winner,
based on the entry that they find the most suitable, relevant & appealing.
They will be sending their selected winner’s name to me, along with a few
 sentences explaining what they really loved about their winning entry.

Mamy DZIESI臉膯 WIELKICH nagr贸d (ka偶da o warto艣ci oko艂o 100 USD) dla
10 zwyci臋zc贸w!! Nie b臋dziemy w tym miesi膮cu szeregowa膰 nagrodzonych
od 1 do 10. Ale zaprosili艣my 10 go艣cinnych juror贸w, z kt贸rych ka偶dy
ma wybra膰 jednego zwyci臋zc臋. 

2.  9 out of 10 of our prizes will be awarded to PAST WOFFERS!  
Woffers are Winners, Features & Finalists, in other words our
 TOP TEN ENTRIES  from the last 12 months!!  This is so that
we are able to determine who are true TOP 10 PLAYERS
 for our First Year are!! So this is like THE FINALS!!

9 z 10 nagr贸d zostanie przyznanych poprzednim zwyci臋zcom (kt贸rzy znale藕li
si臋 na kt贸rejkolwiek z naszych Wall Of Fame, w skr贸cie WOF). W ten spos贸b
b臋dziemy w stanie wy艂oni膰 10 najlepszych os贸b z pierwszego roku naszego bloga. 

3.  ONE prize will be open to a NEW winner – someone NEVER
featured on our Wall of Fame {WOF} in the past – so there is still
incentive for EVERYONE to enter as one prize is open to anyone
who wins on MERIT & one prize (of $50 value) is open to one
random winner.{as usual but this month even the random
prize is a big one – woot!!}
Jedna nagroda zostanie przyznana NOWEMU zwyci臋zcy – komu艣, kto NIGDY nie by艂
wyr贸偶niony na Wall Of Fame {WOF} w przesz艂o艣ci – zatem nadal
bra膰 udzia艂 w naszym konkursie mo偶e ka偶dy, gdy偶 jedna nagroda
mo偶e by膰 przyznana ka偶demu


4.  For your entry to be eligible you need to write 
WOF or NEW after your name WHEN YOU LINK UP – ie:-
呕eby wzi膮膰 udzia艂 w konkursie, musisz linkuj膮c wpisa膰 WOF lub NEW*****************************************



(if you’ve been featured at SATW before & forget
to write WOF, or don’t state WOF or NEW you will
automatically be put into the NEW category, for 
which there is only one prize, as opposed to nine!

(je艣li by艂a艣 wyr贸偶niona na SATW, ale zapomnisz napisa膰 WOF,

automatycznie zostaniesz zakwalifikowana do kategorii NEW, gdzie jest tylko

jedna nagroda, a nie dziewi臋膰)

Instead of writing – Julia Roberts – USA
you should now write – Julia Roberts – USA – WOF
 (if you have been a winner, feature or finalist before 
& have therefore featured in our Wall of Fame in the past)

OR – if you have never been a winner, feature or finalist before,
you need to write – Julia Roberts – USA – NEW {for example!}
Got it?!  If you forget & cannot delete your entry then please
load it again.  Only entries with WOF or NEW after the name
& country will be eligible for any prizes – THANK YOU!!

Zamiast napisa膰 – Julia Roberts – USA
powinna艣 teraz napisa膰 – Julia Roberts – USA – WOF
(je艣li kiedykolwiek by艂a艣 na naszej Wall of Fame)

albo je艣li nigdy nie by艂a艣 wcze艣niej finalistk膮 ani zwyci臋偶czyzni膮,
powinna艣 napisa膰 – Julia Roberts – USA – NEW (na przyk艂ad)

This month, because it is our FIRST BIRTHDAY here at Scrap Around The World,
we have TEN EPIC PRIZES ON OFFER – all of equal value!  Check out our blog
for further details about our Competition Rules & this month’s uber generous sponsors!!

A oto nagrody!!:

Inkido {Papercrafts Scandinavia} are sponsoring this wonderful prize pack!
2Crafty Chipboard are sponsoring $100 worth of awesome chipboard!
{image is merely a sample of their offerings}
7Dots Studio has sponsored this amazing prize!
Scrap 365  Magazine are offering up these fantastic DVD sets!
Darkroom Door has sponsored this phenomenal prize!
Scraps of Elegance brings this mind-blowing set of goodies to the table!
Um WOW Studio has sponsored this TRENDY selection
of uber-modern chippies, bling & FLAIRS 鈾モ櫏鈾
Lindy’s Stamp Gang has contributed a very generous voucher!
Shirel Studio has been kind enough to sponsor BOTH 
Pop & Colours Online Courses to one of our talented winners!
exciting prize!!!  YOUR selection of the latest goodies!!
And last but not least our very own past DT {inaugural member}
Eila Sandberg, has donated an super lovely RANDOM prize!
{for one lucky TOTALLY RANDOM entrant!}

Oh my oh my!!  
These prizes are all AMAAAAZING!!!
Don’t forget to check in to the Scrap Around The World blog HERE
to read more about this month’s EPIC ANNIVERSARY EVENT sponsors
& keep checking in ALL MONTH as we also have SEVEN GUEST TEAMS
celebrating with us too!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SATW!

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