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Hello, Mixed Media fans!
Mixed Media Place presents brand new exciting challenge!
In the months to come, we (Mixed Media Place team) will be doing some really great art exercises. ‘Cause you know, creativity is just like a muscle – you need to be using it regularly, practise, bend and stretch. 🙂
The plan is that every month each of our fantastic Design Team members is going to design a special challenge. Every month it will be different, every time it will give you a great opportunity to get some art workout. So if you feel stuck or if you feel like you need some practice or… simply feel like having some fun – join us in our Creative Gym!

This month’s challenge is designed by Tusia who came up with a really simple color scheme – it may seem basic but you will see in a moment the enormous possibilities it creates.

So here’s your task:

1. Use black

2. Use white
3. Use grey
4. And – add one more color of your choice.

You can create any kind of work – scrapbooking, art journals, cards, tags, paintings, drawings, collage – anything you feel good at.
Of course, you can use any color you want – it may be your favorite one or the one that you seldom use – maybe it’s worth trying out? Experiment! Play! Exercise!
Mixed Media Place will be waiting for your submissions ’till November 19th and yes, there are prizes. 🙂
And here is my layout – with newest 7 Dots Studio collections 🙂
I absolutely love turquoise and royal blue. And I love wandering – especially in a forest. For creating this layout I have used newest 7 Dots Studio collection – Thoughts Keeper combined with Illumination and media from Mixed Media Place:

7 Dots Studio newest products will be soon available at Mixed Media Place.

Products from UmWowStudio:

And what is your favourite color? Come and play with us at Mixed Media Place 🙂

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