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I am happy to tell you, that I am a part of Art-Journaling YouTube Hop along with some amazing artists: Tiffany Solorio, Sanda Reynolds, Heikes AugenBlick, Asia Marquet, Keren Tamir, Einat Kessler, Vicky Papaioannou, Jenn Engle, DeeDee Catron, Athanasia Papantoniou, Olga Heldwein, Carisa Zglobicki and Maka Art Slavkovska. There are also wonderful prizes sponsored by generous sponsors, so if you want to watch inspirational art-journaling videos and win some great prizes, please hop to my video.

Here is my art-journaling spread. You can watch the whole process by jumping to my youtube channel.

Here are some close-ups:





The sponsors are:


Here is my video tutorial:




Fancy Background
Falling Stars Flair
Written Flair


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