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Hello Art Daily friends 🙂
Soft coral is such a beautiful color!! Delicate, yet somehow powerful to me. It’s a colour of dreams. And dreams are one of the most powerful thing in the world. Dreams are driving force. They could be distant and distant things could be surrounded by a kind of fog – they are not well visible, partially indistinct. This delicate coral shade is exactly such a colour. And if we are talking about dreams – children dream a lot. So the colour and the theme match each other perfectly!!

Perfect option for soft coral colour was one of the newest Finnabair Art Alchemy paint – Spring Blossom. I used this colour alone to create my art-journal spread.

My art-journal page is about my Inner Child. I have always been somehow different. And huge part of my life was about not showing real me to the world. It took courage to change it. I had to tell my Inner Child, that not showing myself means that nobody could have any chance to know real me. So how anybody could be happy in such situation? Being different and not hiding it needs courage. But at the end it is worth risking.

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Cotton Candy Dream – Die-Cut Elements



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