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Today I would like to share with you some information about PanPastel. Below there is my video about creating background with PanPastel. For those of you, who are not familiar with PanPastels – they are dry pastels, which are blendable (this is a huge difference comparing to other dry pastel). The colors are extremely rich. PanPastels are in flat, clear pans with a lid – you can stack them up or use special trays and you always see their colors.


PanPastels comes as basic colors, tints, shades and metallic. In Mixed Media Place store you will find a wide range of tools dedicated to PanPastels – when you once use wonderful PanPastel Sofft Art Sponges, you will never use anything else to apply PanPastels.


Enough talking 🙂 Now there is a time for a video 🙂
Here is an example of layering PanPastel colors:
I have used 4 different colors with Sofft Art Sponge and different stencils.
Finished layout:
The colors blends wonderfully – see below on the tag (background was created with PanPastels)
Colors can be vivid or very delicate:
You can customize chipboard or paper – like I did in a card you could see below. I have covered with PanPastels all chipboard pieces and paper sheets (from Cold Country collection)
Below I have covered the blank, white, primed canvas with a PanPastel – 430.8 Magenta Tint. I have used a PanPastel dedicated sponge, which is very soft and perfect for using with PanPastels.
Then I took Heavy Gel Medium Gloss, Tim Holtz Tissue Paper and Crystal Mortar paste.
I torn some tissue paper pieces and glued it down using Gel Medium. I covered than some areas using Crystal Mortar paste.
Finished canvas:
You can use PanPastels not only directly on paper – you can also use white or clear gesso as primer. PanPastels work great with Gel Medium.
Honeycomb was created using Heavy Gel Medium, and circles using white gesso (before applying PanPastels);
Finished art journal page:


PanPastels are messy free way for adding some color, shading, creating background or even painting (which I cannot :)) You can see many tutorials on youtube. I hope I encouraged you a little bit to giving a try to PanPastels :)And if you would like to buy some, there is PanPastel week in Mixed Media Place store and you can buy them with 10% discount. The only thing for you to do is to choose the colors you love and enter this code at the checkout:




Have a great day!
Tusia Lech

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  1. Lizzy Hill says:

    Wow! These are such wonderfully diverse creations using Pan Pastels….they are gorgeous pots of colour….TFS all these different ideas & techniques:):):)

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