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November Art Daily

Hello friends,My inner dreams become hidden and they do not like to be visible. They are fragile as butterflies and moths, yet strong as nature. Intricate yet simple. They merge with each other yet they become separated. And this is what my art-journal page is all about. Have a great day!Tusia


October Art Daily – Far Better Things

Hello friends, Autumn is my favourite season! The nature seems to be dying, but in truth it only needs some rest, to start abundantly growing in Spring! This time of the year is very precious, because we all need some rest in order to be more creative and filled with energy, joy and good mood.  Have a great day!Tusia


September Art Daily – Presence of Wonder

Changing of the seasons is for me something connected with time, with endings and new beginnings, with birth and death, with the wheel of time, with generations and all of these are reflected in my today art-daily page. There is time for joy but also time for honouring the past. For kissing under the mistletoe but also for enjoying the flowers in full bloom. I have used Finnabair and Art Daily products (Liquid Acrylics: Avocado Green, Art Alchemy Metallique: Olive, a stencil, an art-journal, white gesso, Matte Wax: Charcoal Black, Art Daily Stickers, tapes and a paper clip), 7 Dots...


July Art Daily – Strange Thing

Hello friends,Today I am here with my newest art-journal spread. Time is something totally strange to me. I have always had problems with putting things in time frame. For me most of the facts are floating in my memory without any date connected to them. And my art-journal spread is all about it. As you can see I mixed Art Daily stickers with 7 Dots Studio and A.B.Studio paper elements, different kinds of lace, different chipboard pieces (including 7 Dots Studio) and the whole mixture is “floating” in a cobalt blue space created with Finnabair stencil, plaster paste, Impasto Paint...


June Art Daily – Hope

Hello friends, This month guidelines were especially challenging for me, since I do not draw an I do not tend to stick to monochromatic colour palette. But challenges are created for gaining growth possibility 🙂 So I would like to say “thank you” to the author of this month guidelines – Monika Huculak 🙂 I let myself to create, even if there are flaws and imperfections. I like creative chaos and this is something, that speaks to me the most. My focal point is Twiggy – a model, that created a new trend in female beauty: big eyes, delicate face,...


May Art Daily – Let your light shine

Hello dear Art Daily friends, This month theme is so close to my heart!! I am like a modern druid or witch 😀 I love forest, plants, nature, magic, candles, animals, nature spirits, I am vegan with heart filled with joy of spending time among woods or meadows. I love simple things like baking bread or taking care of plants in my garden. But I also love oracle cards, dream catchers and tales about fairies 🙂 Today project is so “mine”. I love the colors, the whole mood and the textures of my art-journal cover and I will be using...