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Hello sweet readers
Today I have something special – a kind of surprise from me and 7 Dots Studio. Something similar to blog-hop but more a kind of a journey around the world – to the places that are in hearts of all 7 Dots Studio Design Team members. Be prepared for something unusual – grab your coffee and sit comfortably. Are you ready? So please continue reading.

You know, that 7 Dots Studio DT members come from all over the world – each of them wants to share a piece of their “daily world” – to show you places, towns, cities, countries, where they live. And we are especially happy that in our times, there are no distance, that could be an obstacle in sending things around the world. 7 Dots Studio products are in each place, where 7 Dots Studio DT members live. I would like you to know 7 Dots Studio has a store, where you can buy their products and they can ship them to any place in the world. So no matter how far or how close to 7 Dots Studio you live, you can always order your favourite supplies and they will pack them with love and send to you (always as trackable, priority post).
On top of the great journey, you can start in a while, or you have just already started on 7 Dots Studio blog, hopping on our DT members blogs, we would like to offer you a special discount for our store – 15% off everything – it is valid for all purchases till September 9th. So you have 2 days to visit our store and decide, what you would like to order. The discount will be available after using a special coupon code. When you visit all the blogs in particular order (info below and on each blog there will be information about previous blog and next one) you will gather all letters (not all blogs have letters for you – please remember it), and all the letters will be your coupon code valid for any purchase in our store till September 9th.So are you ready? 🙂 If yes, please start hopping. The first blog is: Keren Tamir – https://kerentamir.blogspot.com/And here is the full list of blogs in particular order, so if you would get lost, you always can take a look at the list below and to be on track again.

7 Dots Studio – http://7dotsstudio.com/archives/24144
Keren Tamir – https://kerentamir.blogspot.com/
Anna Wiśniewska – http://smakizycia-wiosanka.blogspot.com/
Anna Rogalska – http://annar-mojepasje.blogspot.com/
Fiona Paltridge – http://pastichescrapbookstudio.blogspot.com/
Louise Nelson – http://louise-justloolabelle.blogspot.com.au/
Natalia Shaligyna – http://fraumuller.blogspot.com/
Riikka Kovasin – http://paperiliitin.blogspot.com/
Eirini Tsaima – http://renagym.blogspot.gr/
Cindy Brown – http://talkis23.blogspot.ca/
Sanderijn de Bruin-Mittendorff – http://sanderijndebruin.blogspot.nl/
Anastasi Kuznetsova – http://scrapbarsik.blogspot.ru/
Sandra Bernard – http://saisir-le-moment.blogspot.ca/
Marina Syskova – http://marina-solnechnaya.blogspot.ru/
Olga Eltysheva – http://tykovka22.blogspot.ru/
Nastya Istorkina – http://istorkina.blogspot.com/
Nathmaël Nathalie Dalibard – http://nathmael.canalblog.com/
Kasia Bogatko-Skoczypiec – http://scrapowanieciri.blogspot.com/
Marie Johansson – http://www.createwithoutlimits.com/
Marta Łapkowska – http://artistycrafty.blogspot.ie/
Tusia Lech – https://tusialech.com/ (you are here)

So to sum things up:
– visit all blogs in particular order
– enjoy photos and videos from the places our design team members live
– gather all letters to receive 15% discount for everything in 7 Dots Studio store
– come back and leave them a comment with your order number and they will also choose one random person that will receive free shipping on that order.

I have no letter for coupon code.

What I wanted to show you, is Poland – country where I was born and were I still live. We have beautiful mountains, clear air, wonderful, but cold sea, primeval forests, and lots of wonderful places (I could talk about them for hours). But here are only a few photos, made by me, from Poland:




If you place any order in 7 Dots Studio store with the coupon code, you gained during this blog-hop, come back to 7 Dots Studio blog and leave them information with your order number – maybe you will gain also a free shipping on your order 🙂 

4 Responses

  1. Heather Thompson says:

    Tusia, what a creative and unique blog hop, Thank you for letting us in to your worlds around the world.

  2. Eirini Tsaima says:

    Thank you Tusia for being part of this amazing blog hop around the world and giving me the opportunity to meet new countries and show mine around the world…Your country is spectacular and i wish i will meet you there some day…Love and hungs sweetie…

  3. Ewik says:

    Wspaniały pomysł na na blog-hop to była fajna wycieczka przez świat:)

  4. Marlei says:

    Tusia, tenho o sonho de conhecer seu paí. Suas fotos são lindas e me encantam. Obrigada.

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