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Hello friends,

Recently I joined Art Daily project. Today I would like to show you my inspiration created for this place. In our hectic life we often forget how important is to relax. How important is to follow our own style. To follow our needs. And not to be a slave of the public. I know – it is easy to say and harder to do, because we all are constantly judged by others. But even if part of our life is creating commissioned projects, we need to find some time for projects created only for our soul. And that should be treated as something beneficial for our life balance.



So today I would like to show you a project, that is a reminder for me. A double reminder. First – you can think about art as about door to another world. A kind of escape from daily routine or even reality. Second – some time ago I have had different style, than now. And I enjoyed it a lot. But than my style started evolving into more mixed media and I gave up on creating “paper” projects. This project is a kind of a journey in a past, on many levels. And it was really a huge pleasure to me.


That project reminded me, that we still evolve and everything changes but coming back to the roots could be really great feeling!

So maybe you would feel inspired and would try something, that you used to in a past?

If you are not familiar with Art Daily products, here is short kind of unboxing video.

Thank you for being here today,

In case you would be curious, what I have used, here are supplies (with links):

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  1. Your work and your words are both very inspiring, Tusia! It is true that life/humans, etc. can make people create customized art and forget what they really want to say. But I see you in all your creations, no matter what they were meant for or how your style evolved through the years. Thanks for reminding and inspiring me to find time to relax, enjoy and make art daily!

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