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Today about imperfection. Duties. And finding time. When I joined Art Daily Cafe project by Finnabair I knew, that would like to show you “not-so-perfect” life and “not-so-perfect” scrapbooking. I created this art-journal spread (you will find full text and more photos at Art Daily blog) almost “on the go”. I just moved a pile of wrapping paper, gifts, X-mass stuff, made some room on the table and pulled my art-journal stuff. I just needed to pour my emotions onto paper. The form wasn’t important. What’s important than? The process. I just needed the process of writing, painting and rubbing. Maybe you need it too – especially in December, when we are all involved in “making preparations”.


This year I decided to cut all kinds of December activities as much as I can. Why? Because I decided not to be a hostage of so called “tradition”. I decided I want to spend December and Christmas time the way, me and my closest ones need. And this is definitely not sacrificing all my spare time on the altar of Christmas tradition. This is my choice. And this art-journal spread, absolutely not a perfect one, is the visual sign.

I rarely share my inner feelings and emotions with others – mostly because our culture is too judging and on top of everything I do not have any eagerness to struggle with other’s opinions. But this time I decided to share my absolutely real and quite straightforward message. Maybe it will help you or someone…

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