November Art Daily

Time flies and my style, techniques and everything else gravitate towards “less is more”. Because generally I am sustainable oriented vegetarian with strong believe, that we need to cut the amount of supplies we use like water, clothing etc. and generally I support #zerowaste #reuse #recycle ideas, I like to alter items, that would be useless otherwise. This applies also to small metal tin that come to me with almost each purchase at Ringana. When I use the caps that are inside, I get empty, sturdy and ready to be altered tin. So the one below is not the first one, I altered.

This month color is rust in all its forms and the main technique is recycling. I recycled not only my metal tin, but in my project I have incorporated also some moulds, that were not perfect ones (crushed or not ideally formed). I wanted to create glittery project, that looked a bit old. So I used lots of Finnabair “shiny” products as Sparks, Golden Nugget Paste, Microbeads, Glass Glitter, Wax, Beads but also Fantasy Rust Pastes to add that rusty texture and color, that is dull and worn.

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