May Art Daily – Let your light shine

Hello dear Art Daily friends,

This month theme is so close to my heart!! I am like a modern druid or witch 😀 I love forest, plants, nature, magic, candles, animals, nature spirits, I am vegan with heart filled with joy of spending time among woods or meadows. I love simple things like baking bread or taking care of plants in my garden. But I also love oracle cards, dream catchers and tales about fairies 🙂

Today project is so “mine”. I love the colors, the whole mood and the textures of my art-journal cover and I will be using it with pure pleasure. And if you like it too, you can watch my video tutorial and see how easy it was to create it 🙂 (on youtube, below the video, you will find also the whole list of supplies, I used)

Enjoy 🙂

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